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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Tale of The Wall

Hello Everyone. I trust that your day has gone well. You may have noticed the drawing above. None of the drawings I post on here are done by me. I have no such talent. If I do decide to show some of my drawings, I'll let you guys know. I chose this drawing because it reminded me strongly of Casper. Which leads me to the point of this story.

It is not really a story if it is still going on. But I will give this a mystical appeal and call it the Tale of the Wall. From the picture above, naturally I am talking about Casper. You see while he has been challenging in more ways than one, there is nothing more challenging then the brick wall on his right side.

It came to my mind to write about it when Kara suggested I read a post on her blog about how she can 'feel' things with her horses. I have experienced this wall before, but it is because of her I have decided to write about it.

I can see it for the shortest of seconds before he moves out of the way. Sometimes I can sneak around the wall and touch his right side. Some days it is made out of twigs or even hay. Other days it can be solid cement or brick.

The part I emphasize on is that I can see it. Maybe it is my imagination. Maybe it isn't. Maybe he is so defensive there that the subconsious conjours up a picture of a wall to tell us to back off. (Yes, I have been reading Blink!)

Thats all for now. Just a quick thing. I am enjoying playing the Sims3! My new guilty pleasure. Hope your christmas was wonderful, and I know some of you may have had a white christmas!



  1. Great observation, Julia!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
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