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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Notes and Annotation About Casper

Hello Everyone!
For those of you who live close by, you have also received snow. Brrr its cold! In fact, on Monday we had school canceled which caused it to be a very productive day! I received the email from Kara that when printed out, it ended up to be 8 or 9 pages long! But I had so much fun annotating it! I was high lighting, underlining and commenting on it almost all afternoon, but boy was it fun! I have annotated papers and poems before, but those didn't personally affect me so I didn't enjoy it as much. This was a personal joy so it was easy. 

So my Christmas present to all of you is the notes on here, my blog. I hope that it will give you some lovely new insight, especially where RBIs are concerned. I want to thank you Kara Cumberton for her time to write this all out as well as playing with Casper. Kara and I met through the Parelli Savvy Club in Febuary of this year. We have connected splendidly since then, spending hours together with the horses. Kara and I went to camp together, and have had many educational sleepovers. Kara has a very insighful and deeper and...different look on life. I find it fascinating. I am like her in some fashions, but she is just extrordinary. People may say she is wierd, but to me she is marvelous. I love her very much and admire her talent with horses. Her blog is
Be sure to go take a look, because it is a great site. If you have any questions for Kara, be sure to comment here or on her blog. 

Thank you again Kara!!

Click on the pages to open them up to be larger. Make sure to select to open in a new tab or window, because won't.

Page 1

In case you can't read my notes along the side of the paper, here they are in order from top to bottom.

- I remember this now. I used to be aware of this all the time.
- I didn't know this. Very interesting.
-Approach and retreat.
- Thought and Mental control

Page 2
- (First on right) In hind sight, I see it too now.
- (On left) Blowing out with your lips is another good way
to tell your horse that you have released tension from your body
and so its ok for him to do the same.
- (Second on right) He is still very head shy, though less so when you start
from the withers and move your way up the neck to face.
- (Center/Circled portion) Kara lead Casper around like this for  a bit. She kept her back to him.

Page 3

-(Top left) There went a bunch of confidence and trust.
- (First on right) This takes a large amount of self-control &
a very powerful ability to read the horse.
- (Middle) Horses have no sense of time or date. They live in the moment.
- (Last on right) Linda Parelli, Celebration DVD, Horsenality Segment

Page 4

- Assume not to assume
- New valuable information
- Still scared of CS

Page 5

- The arena holds many bad memories
- *The second note is a drawing of the entrance to the arena*
- Amazing so far. Casper has never been very happy in the arena.

Page 6

-  Complete focus, however indirect
-* The second note is a drawing showing how Kara slowly
pivoted her feet till she was facing Casper
- Working with RB horses takes time so it is important you don't make too many plans,
especially those involving a time limit. Take the time it takes
so it takes less time.
- Mental control
-Turn, think
Page 7

- Cherish is Kara's horse. She can be very RB.
- (Saddling Sharlie)
- The LB side coming through always confuses me!
- Emotional control & awareness is essential
- She is your partner, not your poison.
- Kara is RBI sometimes, in terms of she can go catatonic in a way.
- RBIs need contact
- needs room to run away if needed
Page 8
- When working with scary objects, Linda suggests following after
the object as it moves away. This concept could be
applied to what Kara was doing.
- A LB horse uses his brain. If a RB horse is thinking more, he is becoming more LB
- Casper is extremely sensitive
- Phases (low)
- All those times I've gone to phase 4! O.O
-Reward the slightest try
- LBI comes in to get out of working. RBI come in for comfort and safety.
- Whenever I tried Circling Game, he went RBE!
- This has been because of disrespect in the past...
- Never EVER thought of that. How interesting!!! Hmmm....
Page 9

- The phrase "Trust is good, control is better" comes to mind
- I have never played sideways w/ him
- Important to learn to STOP
- sensitive
-lots and lots of Friendly!!
- Kara I believe you just have a special talent. I do have several questions though.

- Casper went in one end of the tunnel scared, and came out the other much more confident.


 If you have some problems seeing the papers above or would like me to email them to you, please let me know by commenting.  


  1. Happy to hear that you found a new friend thru the Parelli Savvy Club. Will try to read all 9 pages, might take me a while though :-)

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  2. Hey- Just thought you should know that it wouldn't let me open "Page 2".

  3. I had the same problem. I did something like highlighting it and then I clicked it and it opened. I think you just need to fiddle with it! :)