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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Forgotten Story & More...

While I was concentrating on posting the notes about Casper (took 2 hours to figure it out) I completely forgot to tell you about a small play session I had with Sharlie a few days ago. It was short but really quite lovely. I was actually trying to halter Casper to play with him. However he was distant and was trying to hide behind me from me...interesting. I have noticed he seems to be missing Kara a bit too. Looks for her sometimes I think. I don't really mind. It gives Kara a reason to come play more often! ;)

 So I took Pat's advice and caught the easier horse, the horse that wants to be caught. This usually means I catch Sharlie. However I did the unexpected- assume never to assume- and did not lead her to the gate as she was expecting. Instead, we walked off in the opposite direction. We played online preparing for liberty while in the field. My friend Emily gave me the idea as it would increase rapport and respect between Sharlie and myself. I had put together 2 objects that would be interesting. One was a rough mismatch of rubber mats. It wasn't anything impressive. All together it was no bigger than 1 foot by 1 foot.
 Another item I put together was 3 'planks' put together into what could be seen as a step. It is hard to explain. It was a flat spot in the side of a hill and I took advantage of it by putting the 3 planks there. So I played with Sharlie and those 2 toys. Funny thing is is that Casper followed us around, following Sharlie across the rubber mat and the planks.

This is rather odd because Casper is dominant over Sharlie, yet he was looking to Sharlie for leadership and was interested what she was doing. But wait...oh! No! I just had an epiphany!Casper was following me and watching and looking at me for leadership! Well that just made my day! The play session that I thought was great just turned out to be wonderful!

Drawing is not mine! :)

Now you noticed of course that the title indicates "more." As the Winter holidays are here I won't be spending much time on my blog. So I have lined up several small stories to be posted in due fashion. I advice that you guys do not spend your entire holiday glued to the computer, but I do understand if it is to escape some rather unpleasant family or friends. Happy Holidays and may the Horse be with you!


PS- Kara check your email Tuesday evening.

1 comment:

  1. Julia, indeed - what a wonderful play session.
    Have a peaceful Holiday weekend, with friends and family - two and four-legged!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central