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Friday, November 13, 2009

Hill Therapy

Well, since Hill Therapy is canceled until at least spring, here is the first 2 days. :\

Hill Therapy

Week 1

Day 1- 11/6/09

Today I started Sharlie’s hill therapy. I hope that is works and Sharlie’s back is round and her gaits smooth out so we can advance with our Freestyle.

First day went pretty well I think. I chose to only ask Sharlie to trot because the hill I chose is about 30* degree angle. It’s the mildest hill I could find. I think Sharlie coped faredly well. We have played alot on those hills before, and Sharlie’s field is full of steep hills.

But I’m wouldn’t say it was easy fore her. No, not at all. Even though she kept her gait at a trot, I could tell she was having a tough time. Up the hill she would have to pull herself up with her front legs, and down the hills, she sped up but not on purpose. She had to go down at a slight angle not to fall.

All to be expected for the first day according to Linda. I’m excited to see the results! At least afterward she was rewarded by going down to the stream and then going to play with a once “very-scary-horse-eating” log. But the log and Sharlie are on better terms now.

Day 2-11/7/09

Lets just say Sharlie had a ...challenging time.She had to canter up the hill. Even on her blind side, which she never did before. She also used all 25 feet on the rope, unlike yesturday where she only used about 12-15 feet of the rope. And she was concentrating so hard on me and the hill, she didn’t seem to notice the gunshots in the distance. Usually she stops and is stalk still for a few moments, and then she continues doing whatever she was doing. This time, nada! She didn’t do a thing! So I am happy for today. We made progress with the trailer afterward and ended it on a very good note. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Day 3-11/8/09

I have photos!

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