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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Busy Busy Busy! Every single savvy!

Omg! I have been so busy lately and haven't been able to update. So here is the wonderful update now.

Level 1 Audition Online
I sent it in on Friday, and WOW! I got my results back on Monday! So I advice to those who are planning to send in their Audition soon, SEND IT IN BY EMAIL NOW AND U WILL GET A QUICK RESPONSE!!!!! Anyway, I assesed Level 1, and I passed Level 2+. The thing I still can't believe is that I'm going to be playing with Sharlie at Level 3 now, very close to HANNAH!!!!!!!!! :o :D


Winter is approaching rapidly here in Tennessee, or at least near me. It can be beautiful and bright, but chilly. And Sharlie is becoming a real pest when it comes to riding. I have even come to the horror of having to use the bridle to keep her from taking off. I wish I hadn't left riding till now, and now I won't be able to. During the summer, we were great! Having fun, and even almost ready to canter. We self-assesed Level 1, and almost Level 2!
And now....back to zero. I even have to work very hard to keep Sharlie's walk controlled (as in not wandering off the trail, falling 20 feet when she reaches the ledge and dying, or her taking off at a full gallop) I hope they build the arena soon because we have had enough of the round pen, and the trails are 2 foot deep mud!


I was looking forward to doing more Finesse in September and October, but due to unseasonal cold spells and rain (and school), we have only been able to concentrate on Online and Liberty. And now its turning cold again, and Sharlie is a true blue B-R-A-T when I ride her. So I prefer to get our Freestyle up to date before attempting Finesse again!


Well, with winter, we are going to be concentrating mainly on ground work, so online and liberty. Right now, I have been trying to get Sharlie to understand NOT EVERYTHING I DO MEANS GO OR FOLLOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! But we are making slow progress. More porcupine and squeeze is getting her mentally involved which is very good. Alot of licking!

Yes Yes YES! This is mostly for LBI's, and mainly for Sharlie, but Sharlie could never really understand the point of grooming, and found it terribly boring and always tried to walk away. I have found a way to solve the problem! But, it is late now, so I will explain it tomorrow! *wiggles eyebrows* :D

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  1. Hooray for you, Julia in passing not only your lvl 1 but also you lvl 2 with flying colors! You have inspired me to try for mine now. I'm ready I just kept thinking, oh I'll wait until we can do this, oh I can't upload to youtube, etc. Now I think I really will do it!

    Well, thanks again for the inspiration,