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Monday, February 24, 2014

Julia's Writing: Background Music

This is my first post in relation to writing.

When I write, I can't stand the quiet. It leaves too much room in my head to get distracted. That's why my favorite places to write are busy and filled with people.

When I was writing The Hazel Tree, I was most productive when writing at Starbucks. Something about the bustling of people and music makes the words flow.

My favorite place was when we were in Devon in England and the whole family went out to a pub. While we were waiting for our food, I whipped out my notebook and was able to write a good couple pages in a span of a few minutes.

However going to Starbucks to write can be expensive, even if it once a week. So one has to get creative in order to recreate the experience.

I think everyone knows about Pandora, which is great. But sometimes not having control over the songs is problematic. So I've become familiar with 8tracks and Grooveshark. It can be time consuming to create a playlist of songs, but if you can get one together that matches the feel of your story, it is so worth it.

You can recreate the sound of a coffee shop or restaurant with Coffitivity.

You can find a good Starbucks playlist here.

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