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Monday, May 20, 2013

Snippets and Clips

Quick little post for today, as I've decided to revive the blog. (I'm really bad at this, aren't I?)

Some things that have happened recently? Well, first of all...we are going to Europe!! And for being-a-lovely-person-who-loves-her-teachers, I'll be posting some photos on here while we are over there!! Exciting! 

We plan to do a lot. I have some places I want to visit as research for one of my novel ideas (The Royal Mews Girl, I believe I've mentioned it before.) So several museums which include things from the Victorian Era are on my list. We are also planning on heading down south to Devon, with a stop by Stonehenge. (Time to start the apocalypse!)

Also, we will be seeing family. That is probably the one thing I am most excited about. Not only because of the family tree, but also I haven't seen most of them in ages. Plus they inspired a novel idea!

Saintes, France

Then we are also going to be in France, in the town where we lived. That photo above? That will be my view every day. :) 

Something I hesitate to share on here is my growing interest in learning more about sexuality and researching it. As it is something close to my heart, (12 states and just over 13 countries to legalize gay marriage!) I find it a very fascinating topic. I have found a few people who have published work about it and I plan to read more about it. We'll see where it takes me.

(Let's not even talk about the new interest in drag queens, okay?)

Also, I've decided to make The Hazel Tree (aka Cinderella Wolf) part of my Capstone project, so talk about deadlines! Mr. Wilkey, my mentor, has been amazing though so it doesnt seem like quite such a daunting task. It still is though.....I'm just not looking at it directly in the eye. It's going to be fun though...right?

Here is the new cover!
Also, if you guys are interested, here is the link to my new Facebook page. All the cool writers have one now. Click here. It will have snippets of the chapters I write, not only for The Hazel Tree but also for other novels. Also, it will have information as to when The Hazel Tree will be available to buy and where, etc...etc.. :)


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