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Friday, May 24, 2013

Hampton Court & Ghosts!

Not quite as imposing as Henry VIII, but still...

Today we visited Hampton Court, home to King Henry the 8th and then many of the Stuart rulers (William and Mary, etc...)

It was, simply, bloody freezing. Coming from 80-degree weather to rainy weather with nearly a 40 degree difference is quite a shock to the system. I made the silly mistake of wearing sandals. My toes have still not fully recovered.

Hampton Court is actually quite an enchanting castle, despite the dreary rain of today. In addition, there are GHOSTS, which naturally feeds my creative curiousity. I've come to terms with the fact that regular fiction will not be enough for me- I much rather prefer the supernatural. Mythology, lore, witchcraft, and hauntings are quite my cup of tea.

Jane Seymour
 So naturally, learning how Jane Seymour (Wife #3) wanders the hall above the chapel in which her heart, and possibly some of her other organs are buried is quite intriguing. It is said that the reason she is still here, caught between death and heaven, is because of the extremely guilty conscience over her role in the downfall of Anne Boleyn. She won't be at peace until Anne forgives her, which for obvious reasons, will never happen.
Catherine Howard

Or what about Catherine Howard (Wife #5) seen rushing through the Great Hall to the chapel where she stops suddenly and lets out an unearthly shriek before hurrying back towards the top of the stairs with a ghastly look of despair. Legend has it that on the night after she was arrested for treason, she ran shrieking down the gallery while Henry was hearing Vespers in the Holyday Closet. She begged him to spare her life but was caught by the guards who dragged her away to her execution. So it is a thought that this is a reinacting of the tragic scene right before her untimely death.

Anne Boleyn

Lastly, there is dear Anne Boleyn (#2), who is said to wander around Hampton Court, but not quite like the others. It is said that she appears beheaded in her appearances around her old home.

There are also another 7 ghosts that wander Hampton Court, including a phantom dog and a ghostly cat. Exciting!!

As an afterthought, it is a good thing King Henry the 8th didn't turn out to be a ghost. I think as he was so imposing and terrifying in life, as a ghost he would scare people to death!


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