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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Wise and Fair Skin

I have been suffering from acne and spots since the 7th grade.  I don't have the magic cure. I actually haven't been very successful when it comes to managing my skin. However I have a few things I've noticed work better than others.

For a long term everyday guide:

What is your acne telling you? - This helped me out realize what the different parts of my face meant and I realized it also made loads of sense as I had begun noticing a pattern, but this was the key I needed to figure it out.

Rinse face with water every day.


(I noticed eating grapes everyday helped a lot.)

Quick and Easy:

Salt Water treatment - I tried this for the first time tonight actually and I was amazed it worked! However I'm interested to see the long term effects. Though if you need this for an imminent event I (think) I would recommend it.


The Montagne Jeunesse face masks (I find them at CVS and Target)- I use this and/or a Polish brand (don't know name) about once a month or for special events.

Doxycycline, prescribed by dermatologist. I take it once a day and it is an anti-inflamitory.

Pull hair out of face as much as you can, especially if you are breaking out.

Refrain from touching or playing with your hair and touching your face as much as possible.

Change your pillow cases at least once a week.

In the shower:

I use an apricot scrub, CVS's owm brand. - I use it probably every other day in the shower, or depending on how badly my skin needs it.

**for rashes:
I recently had an allergic reaction to a cream my dermatologist prescribed. My face became swollen, red and bumpy where I had applied it. First applied a wet/damp cold to cool down the face. Then a lot of rinsing with cold water whether in the shower or with a cloth. Then I also used gentle moisturizer and sunscreen once in the morning for the day.

Intense Evenings:
Usually means face mask, long shower, snacking on plenty of healthy foods, drinking lots of water, and tonight: salt water treatment.

This is all I can think of at the moment. This is more reference notes for myself, but also people have asked in the past and I haven't been able to give a proper answer. So here you go! :)
Julia the Spotted.

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