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Sunday, January 13, 2013


I don't usually write about dreams but the one I had the other night got my thought process working and I felt the need to blog about it.

Let me give you a brief summary.

I dreamt that I was returning Sharlie to the field one day and I saw Casper standing in the pasture watching us, not too far away. As I was leading her into the field, one of the barn owners came up (I don't remember who) and told me to say goodbye to Casper. I asked why. 'Because you won't be using him anymore' they replied. Again, I asked why but I felt the realization hit me. Oh
"Because he isn't Casper anymore, he is Little Britches."
I turned to look at Casper, eyes blurred with tears, but he was gone. Just gone.

While the ending is significant in itself- the way how I feel like Casper can dissapear at any moment, gone from my life (though never from my heart) by forces I can't control... I found the line "Because he isn't Casper anymore, he is Little Britches." heartwrenching and thought provoking at once.

Casper was originally called Little Britches before I started working with him, and some still call him that. After I got to know him I realized what an injustice his name was to his personality. What do you think of when you hear 'Little Britches'? I thought of a push-button pony who was bomb proof and won lots of blue ribbons in the jumping classes with little kids.

Well Casper is the opposite of that. So I set out to see what name would suit him, and more importantly one he approved of. As I got to know him, I found many similarities in his behavior as that of Casper, Pat's stallion. Also, after reading Pat's biography ('Raise Your Hand if You Love Horses') there was a brief description as to how his stallion earned his name. Don't quote me on it as I don't have a copy of the book onhand, but I believe it was something along the lines of "He could be friendly but not be there fully." Oh dear, that was an awful summary. That was not what Pat said at all!

Anyway, in my own words. Casper earned his name because of three reasons. First of all, he was so similar to Pat's stallion in look and personality, secondly a...tribute(?) to Parelli, and third and most importantly because he was like a ghost. Both physcially and mentally he could be there one second and gone the next. He could be there with you in one way and off in another realm in the other. I have had more of a mental connection with Casper from across the pasture sometimes than having him right beside me. Curios, isn't it? (Also, Casper approved the name. There were others like Jack Daniels and such, a little more rough and rugged which he liked...but not as much as Casper.)

So anyway. I realized after I woke up that with me, Casper was...Casper. However if he was to be taken away from me he would become Little Britches again, even if it was against his will.

Interpret it as you like. The change of name could reference two different stages of his life. It could indicate the two different types of people. I have my own interpretation but I can't share it here.

Just think about it okay? What makes Casper Casper, and not Little Britches? I can name a dozen.

On a sidenote, don't worry too much about the dream. This last week has been a particularly stressful nail-biting one at the stables for me when we were afraid Casper's fate hung in the balance. Well, it has been for the last few months but it reached the tipping point for a moment before it inched back again. In a way, I sort of want it to all be resolved...but of course, in our favor.

Confession time: You or anyone else can think whatever you like about Casper. That he is a brat, a waste of space, a nice little pony- but not worth the time, or you could even think he is the most adorable little pony in the world. In ALL cases you are wrong. He is not a brat. He is proud and dignified. He is not a waste of space. He has a life and soul and heart and mind and is just as important and valued as you or me. And he is not an adorable little pony, and most certainly not one for children. He hardly puts up with me as I am still learning with him. I think the only reason he still allows me to ride is that he knows I'm trying my hardest to do what is best for him...and let's face it, its me or someone else. He is not adorable. He is handsome, marvelous, stunning. He is not little. He is intelligent, important and five times more clever than you and I combined.

So forgive me, but for Casper's sake...He should remain Casper.

No more bad dreams please, okay Tooth Fairy?

Cheers, Julia

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