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Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back (2012)...

As I'm writing this, I really have no New Year resolutions. Probably not the best, I realize. However I'm hoping as I type, I can come up with them.

2012 has been a strange year. Lately, every thing has been blending together. I don't remember if I went to Emily's this past summer or if it was 3 years ago. Then after some careful photo searching, I realize it was only this year.

Generally, I'd say some weird and fantastic stuff happened this year.:

I went to the Conyers Parelli Event and froze my butt off and learned some cool stuff.

I turned 16 and got to spend my birthday with my godfather and his family up in DC.

I visited Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

Mika wandered into our life and found a home in my heart.

I got my driving license over 6 months after I turned 16.

I had my first lesson from a Parelli Professional Robin Harris (which I failed to blog about because I suck.)

Emily came up for 4 days to work with the ponies and I.

I flew to Charleston and back all by myself. I had a fabulous time reconnecting with old friends.

I finished my very first novel., Cinderella Wolf.

I became much more comfortable with my beliefs, my personality, my sexuality, and just myself in general. (See below!)

Sharlie, Casper and I did a dance of 'two steps forward, one step back' pretty much all year, but we came out in a much better place than where we started out.

I discovered a dozen new TV shows I love, which has also got me moderately interested in screenwriting and maybe writing for television.

This man (see below) became my new role model in many different aspects of life. :)

Samantha and I became closer than we've ever been before.

I attended my first Colleen Kelly clinic! (And failed to blog about that too. Cause, I repeat, I suck)

I participated in GISHWHES 2012 and met some fabulous friends.

What else am I missing?

Overall a pretty fab year. There were bad things too of course. Barn drama, math class, junior year, and emotions running high are always bound to bring negativity. But I could write an entire post just about that. But this is to focus on the GOOD things.

So yea. Thank you everyone for a great year. It was pretty damn fantastic. Cheers and see you when the ball drops!

xoxo Julia

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