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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Current Projects

So I've been juggling quite a bit lately (and doing quite well so far if I do say so myself)
But to keep you informed, here is what I've been doing.

1. Finishing & editing Cinderella Wolf. (200+ pages of chaotic first draft)
2. Writing, editing and assembling a memoir about GISHWHES. (More on this later)
3. Read "Get Known Before the Book Deal" by Christina Katz
4. Read "Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies"
5. Begin new book under the working title "The Project"
6. Begin applying for scholarships

Also, let's not forget school and final exams (2 weeks left before the holidays) as well as Christmas presents and cards and I've actually been talking and making more new friends than I have ever had before so its really chaotic and my head hurts and I just want to sleep.

Also, I'm taking the ACT this saturday. I'm not nervous. No, really. I took a prep class for it where we took a practice test every two weeks so nothing about it scarees me anymore. I just don't want to dedicate 4+ hours of my Saturday morning to it.

Thingys coming up.
Book review on "Get Known Before the Book Deal"
College list
Update on the editing process of CW (which is killing me btw)

K yea so I'm going to go take a nap now before dinner. Bye!!

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