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Friday, December 2, 2011

Kitty Cats






Just felt like sharing my adorable kitties with you guys!

Wapka: Wapka is the oldest cat. He is black and white, has the cat equivalent of a beer belly and is about 70 if you translate from cat years. He has traveled the world. We believe he was born on the Mexico/California border before being picked up by the pound in Orange County. We adopted him and since then he has traveled to South Carolina, France, England and now Tennessee. He is grumpy, lazy and loves Gold Fish and Lays. Don't question it! 
Walle: You know how they say someone has 'lost their marbles'? Well Walle never had any marbles to begin with. Walle is open, friendly but still rather stupid. He is the cat that you will find laying out in the middle of the street when the garbage truck is coming. Walle is now 3 years old and has lived on this block of the neighborhood his whole life. He was born next door and now lives here. He is the hunter of the family. (As proven by the dead squirrel on the porch as well as countless birds, mice and chipmunks) There has been some suspicion he is an alien from another planet here to steal human brains and replace them with his own. It has not been confirmed nor denied.
Wabu: We got Wabu about a year ago from the pound. At first he meowed and meowed and meowed. Never ever shut up! Now he is much more quiet. He has let his walls fall slightly and we can see the vunerable, insecure Wabu. (Which is not always a good thing!!) We now get to see paranoid Wabu, damsel in distress Wabu, can't-hold-onto-my-bladder Wabu and many more. However he can still be rather affectionate and lovable. We can only guess that Wabu used to live in a frat boy college dorm room/gay couple's apartment. Not quite sure which one. :)

Wikipedia:  THE FIRST GIRL CAT WE HAVE HAD IN OVER A DECADE! We picked up Wiki in the Mcdonald's parking lot.We planned to give her away to a good home because we were happy with our three cats (above) but she has wiggled into our hearts like some sort of adorable fluffy heart worm. She is rather intelligent and communicates via a series of purrs, squeaks and tiny mews. She the inspiration of a Christmas story I am writing. 
Walle & Lilly


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