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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Curious Casper- MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Hello everyone,

I know I have been absent from here for a long time so I think that this is the time for a well deserved blog post.

School is finally out for the holidays. I plan to do a lot of writing and riding. Or- knowing winter weather- just a lot of horsey time.

As my Christmas post I have decided to talk about my darling Casper. Honestly- what is new with Sharlie? Not much...

Plus Casper and Christmas...both begin with C! :)

So Curious Casper. I have noticed that Casper's attitude while being ridden with or without a bareback pad/saddle are different. Completely bareback he is relaxed and curious. (Though it kills me because it is so bony. It is actually really painful) However with a pad (which is much more comfortable for me) or saddle he is tense, walks faster and more likely to spook.

A few days ago I went to go play with both Sharlie and Casper and I rode both. I rode Casper with the bareback pad and he was very difficult. I needed to cool off so I put him in the round pen while i played with Sharlie.

When I came back 20 minutes later to take him back to the field, I hopped on him completely bareback with just a halter and leadrope- no helmet, no nothing. And he was the best little horse I could imagine. He was curious, wanting to investigate everything. He even tried to climb into the tackroom. He went up to and pawed at the roof tilings that he had found terrifying only an hour before.

Perhaps it was my attitude too, as well as his that caused this.

One thing is for sure. No matter what I do when I ride Casper, I always feel extremely safe on him. Even when he is like a coiled spring, ready to be released. I've ridden him a bit without a helmet and those rides seem to be the best that we have.

Merry Christmas

PS- Sorry its short. Will have another post on this subject in a few weeks. :)

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