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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A New Perspective on Circles

Hey Everyone!

So since watching the Million Transitions DVD I have been doing some pretty serious thinking about the Circling Game. "Million Transitions" or Yoyo game on the circle were not new to me, but I never really thought about it. 

Photo by Charlotte Abramow
Maybe also finally saying out loud that I am going to become a PP also has made me start thinking.

Anyway ever since watching that DVD the horses and I have learned and accomplished quite a lot.

 Lets start with Sharlie: The other day I did some canter-gallop transitions (video above of one of those times) She did buck a couple times at first but after a couple of laps she had a steady gallop which I found impressive! Though I did find out that it hard for Sharlie to do even just one lap cantering and our downward transitions need work. 

Then yesterday I practiced my Neutral while sitting on a barrel as Sharlie was to maintain gait and maintain direction. From sitting on that barrel Sharlie walked, trotted and changed direction. However on the canter I had to stand but did not follow her around (like I did in the video)

It took us about 10 or 15 minutes for Sharlie just to complete one full circle of canter. We ended there by backing her out of the arena from 40 feet away. I stood in one spot and she backed all the way out by just using Phase 1/2!

Casper was truly a shining star yesterday. We have been working on him relaxing trotting on the circle and finally yesterday he relaxed. He blew out and his gait slowed. As he walked and trotted I learned something else about Casper. He is AMAZING at maintaining gait/maintaing direction. Not exactly Level 3/4 yet but still advanced level 2, beginning level 3!

Anywho after a few laps of relaxed trotting I took a risk and asked him to canter! In responce he did something he rarely does- express himself playfully. He arched his neck, pricked his ears, threw his front legs out and then proceded to buck before taking off in the canter.

These wonderful photos were taken by Charlotte Abramow. Here is the link to her blog.

Photo by Charlotte Abramow

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