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Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving- A Movie, A Student, A Mentor and A Pony.

Hey Everybody!

Let me start out by saying Happy Turkey Day to all of you, even if it is a day or two late!

So as you probably have guessed I have been a very busy girl. School has been working me to death. I know its horrible. But yet I am such a hypocrite cause I love my school :) No seriously. I had a bad dream that it was shut down and I had to go to the high school in Ooltewah and I cried. And cried and cried. 

Dead serious.

I am probably the only kid who enjoys school. Oh well. I always knew I was weird. 

Anyway hopefully with the end of the semester approaching my work load will lighten (not likely) but at least it means that Christmas break is almost upon us! (It can not come fast enough) Between convincing my Algebra 2 teacher to give me extra credit and doodling horses in ACT Prep class, I have my hands full ;)

Now that I have given you the update on school (I know, you guys were so looking forward to it.) Let me tell you about the high light of my Thanksgiving Weekend. I GOT TO WATCH THE MOVIE BUCK!! :D
Trailer below *points down*

I have been looking forward to the day when I could finally see this and I am glad to say I was not dissapointed. I laughed and cried and had shivers running down my spine multiple times. It is an amazing documentary. 

Even if you have no interest in horses, I recommend you watch it. It still is just...amazing.

It confirmed several things as well. It confirmed that I indeed was following the right path, the natural path with horses. Also that this is the life I want to have. Clinics, traveling, meeting new people and catching up with the old. Learning from mentors and teaching students. I cannot wait.

On a note of mentors and students. I am glad to say that my mentor Emily Larramore has done splendidly at the Ocala Fast Track despite a hiccup involving switching out horses. She overcame it with grace and still did wonderfully. I hope to talk to her and see her soon. Its amazing how close you can get to someone. Or maybe I'm just clingy. *shrugs*

Now onto students. I have a new student! That brings the number to an all time high of 2!! Riley is a family friend. She is in the 6th grade. Go do the math. 

I chuckle when I think of how she thought Casper (a little 13 hand pony) was big. (PS- She is tiny!!) However Casper fell completely in love with her. She was very soft and kind with him as I taught her to lead him around the arena, going over jumps, doing figure 8s around the barrels and so on. At the end of the lesson we sat on our barrels and he just kept his head right next to her the whole time, relaxed and falling asleep. I was taken back by how much he loved Riley because usually Riley is a hyper little ball of energy and for a Right Brain Introvert like Casper, it usually is too much! But she was calm, almost timid!

I look forward to future lessons with her. Jimmy, my other student is doing well. We have already covered the 7 games and more and may or may not be moving onto riding. With the way the weather has turned, it looks like all riding will have to stop soon. Too cold, too wet, too slippery, too miserable.
I have come to enjoy teaching children. It has indeed been a challenge to think of things from a child's point of view. (But you are a child too Julia! True, but when it comes to what I am teaching, I am used to learning it and thus teaching it from an adult's point of view) Though I still hope to be able to teach an adult soon. I think some balance would be nice. Maybe its the fact that I am 15. Why must people always judge by age? Ugh.

NOW onto that pony. Oh goodness, don't we all know I have a soft spot for ponies. All ponies, all horses. I love them all!! Can I just buy all the horses in the world then give them to people who do Natural Horsemanship? (This is where the child inside me comes out) Anywho, back on topic. I am so excited. I got permission today to go and catch the uncatchable horse and groom her! :) So maybe I'm a little confident about being able to catch her. But I was able to catch Casper when he was deemed uncatchable! 

This pony isn't much different. She just has associated being caught as a really really terrible thing. (Can I blame her?) As do many horses. As did Casper once upon a time. Anywho I am excited.

To those who don't know- catching is my THING. I love the phycology of catching horses. If I could make a living off of that, I would do it. (Well that and other stuff. I think I would get bored eventually) The point is that the whole though process on both the human and horse's sides fascinate me. Why does a horse react the way they do to when the human moves over here? Why does the human walk around this way instead of that way? Does he think he is being sneaky? Wow really you think the horse can't see you? Wow... (interior monologue continues rambling off until you can't hear it anymore)

So thats all I have for now. I'll let you know how catching the uncatchable works out. I'm SO EXCITED! :D (Can you tell?)

Also- Do you think I can convince my school principal to let the teachers play the Today Show during first block at school? I have been thinking about it because I seriously want to watch the news in the mornings at school while I work. And I love the Today Show.
Maybe I'll shoot her an email after Christmas.

On a final note I have felt somewhat out of touch with my dear horsey friends. So let me just say to Kara, Hannah, Emily, and the others (you know who you are!) (no I totally did not just forget who you are!) I love you guys to no ends. CALL ME!! :P No, seriously. Or email me. EMILY email me girly! I MISS YOU! YOU TOO KARA!! Hannah, I get to see you at Conyers!! EEEEEKK! LICK THE WINDOWS! :D


Okay, Julia OUT!

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