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Friday, August 12, 2011


(This is 1 day late)
        I have just gotten back from England and started school yesterday!

         I went to go play with Sharlie and Casper yesterday after my first day of school. I count this as the first official play session after this very busy summer. I have only played with Sharlie and Casper ONCE in the whole month of July and that was the day after I got back from Emily's.

Yea. Wow.

         Even though I only played with them once, I went down to go see them and spend some undemanding time with them almost every day.

           Yesterday I went down for an hour to go play with the horses. Well of that hour I spend 30 minutes finding and arranging obstacles to use.

The good news is: I HAVE BARRELS AGAIN!! *Happy dance!*

This left me with about 15 minutes per horse.

I really don't like to time things like that but I try and split it equally.

                I had put the duo in the round pen where there was some grass and they would be a lot closer to the arena.

              I played with Sharlie first. I wanted to review the 7 games quickly and try and get through some Level 1 tasks before I put her back in the field.

           When I went to go catch her however, she was having none of that! She took off at a trot and I could almost hear her say "Nana booboo! You can't catch me!" This of course set Casper off but he was slightly right-brain about it. So I did what Pat did in the L&HB DvDs. Focused on the Left Brain horse.
So I asked Sharlie to do change of directions, getting closer and closer together till she stopped.

Thing is that Casper was keeping up with Sharlie the whole time so both of them were changing directions at the same time, and stopped at the same time! (Does that count as double liberty?)

       I haltered Sharlie and led her out. I think Casper was glad to see her go. (She was hogging the clover patch! DUH!) I tried to start the 7 games by doing some Porcupine and Driving Game as we walked to the arena.

WELL...Sharlie pretended that she knew none of it!
Sharlie "Uh..why are you poking me?"
Julia "It's the porcupine game. Duh."
Sharlie "Uhu..What is the porcupine game?"
Julia "You know what the porcupine game is! You yield to pressure."
Sharlie "Does that have to include moving my feet?"
Julia "Yes"
Sharlie "Ummm....Nah. I'll just stand here."

That above is what our conversation was for most of the games. :P However after a bit she 'remembered' the games again and we were able to cover all 7 of them fairly quickly.
After giving her a quick shower, I popped her back in the field and went to go get Casper. I played Friendly Game with Casper as we walked towards the arena. But he had a HUGE threshold at the entrance so we had to work with that. We did alot of squeeze and  if Casper assumed I wanted him to go in the arena I would go "No, you are not allowed to go in!"

About 10 minutes later he was saying "Julia I WANT to go in! I'm not allowed so I wannnnttt tooo!!!!"
We walked in, out and ended there.
I gave him a shower and took him into the field. As soon as I took the halter off he dropped down and rolled right by my feet. Sharlie joined him only moments later.

Both horses rolled at my feet at the same time.


I love my horses.

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