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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reflections on My Internship with Emily Larramore

I can start out by saying it was an amazing experience.

I am worried that I will use the same adjectives as when I was reflecting on Camp with Kara. I don't want to use the same adjectives because this experience was so different than the one at Kara's, I never want to confuse the two.
So should I compare the two? Probably not. So I won't.

This experience was so unique, it can't be compared. I just wish I had the opportunity to repeat it again. 

Who knew Alabama was so pretty?? Hahaha! Especially around where Amanda lives. It was beautiful. 
I have grown up traveling, but its usually back to the same places. Poland, France, England, California, etc... It was lovely to go some place new. And it changed my perspective of what Alabama is like...well somewhat. It's still the Alabama I thought it was in many ways, but it can also be a very pretty place where some very lucky horses get to live.

The people I met along during these 6 days were amazing people. It was refreshing to meet people who were .... real. I don't know how to explain it. But its a lovely refreshing thing. To find people you can actually talk to and not have to formulate a conversation in your head word for word like a script. Some one said maybe it's just because you were in a new place. I think it's because Emily has a really amazing taste for friends.

Imagine a graph. Now on the Y-axis (vertical) number it 1-10. Number the X-axis 1-20. Begin a line at (0,1) so at 0, and only 1 square up. Let it go straight for about 5 squares. Now the coordinates should be (5, 1)
That is what my learning curve was at the beginning of the sumer. 
Now for the next 7 squares have the line continually rise 1 square. This should leave you at (13, 8).
That is my learning curve during camp in June.
Now lets flatline and maybe get the line to drop. I did not learn much while camping. The coordinates are now (16, 5)
If you aren't good in algebra, I apologize! I hate algebra...But you couldn't tell could you? 
Now from points 16 to 20, go straight up. Up 5 squares in 4 days. Pretty dramatic right?
That, my dears, is my internship. 
Extreme positive curve in my learning.
And that is your math lesson for the day.

I was so lucky to be able to go intern with Emily. In the late fall she is off to begin her journey to become  a Parelli Professional. Then she will be gone for a large part of the next few years. This was probably the  only time for a very long time I will be able to intern with her. (After she becomes a Parelli Professional, it costs quite a bit to intern with her. I would need to save up big time.)

About 6 months ago I lost track of my vision of becoming a Parelli Professional. I always had it in consideration, but then I sort of...forgot. I focused on my writing more and other silly things.
Then talking to Emily about it sort of refueled my interest in it. I love writing, I do and I hope to get a degree in that too but I also love teaching and I love horses. I thrive better in a big community than by myself.

I almost completely sure it is something I want to do.

"Do not blind yourself with certainty for fear that you will miss better opportunities that present themselves." -Unknown

Playing with Vanna showed me the ultimate goal of what I want to accomplish with my horses. That, my friends, is what a Level 3/4 Parelli horse feels like, looks
The ultimate goal.

What did I learn?

- Energy and how to control it.
- Lightness and how it affects everything.
- Mirrors. Enough said.
- Phases, how important they are and just how many there are.
- Body language and its connection to all above and all below.
- Fluidity. I still have lots to learn.
- Balance. Improved greatly.
- Rhythm. 
- CONFIDENCE. Greatly improved and still improving :)

Thank you to Emily, Amanda and the girlies. (Vanna & Alli) I can never say Thank you enough.

Photo credit to Emily Larramore


PS- This post was going to be much longer but I decided to leave some stuff out. There are some things I just wanted to keep to myself. :)
PPS- Emily, you have 24 hours. ;)

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