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Sunday, November 28, 2010

This Weekend Update

Hey guys!
Here is a run down of this weekend! Enjoy!


So on Saturday I played with Sharlie a little bit on the ground with the 12 foot line. Walk, trot and a tiny bit of canter. Its getting muddy and slippery so we will have to do more and more ground work, and go slower and slower. After a brief warm up, I took advantage of the nice (if slightly nippy) weather to go for a quick trail ride. We went out into the field and started trotting. Sharlie was being very quick and stubborn. I got quite frustrated and had to think of some distractions. So we trotted through a ditch, around a tree and over a puddle...
I did not canter with Sharlie this weekend because since she was so stubborn and I was getting so frustrated, I didn't want to lose it when she started bucking when I asked her to canter.
Sharlie is doing well with the tying post. She freaked out a couple of times, but she is starting to let me go out of sight now...:)

So with Casper I kept it simple. I felt that we were moving too fast for him so no riding. So I kept it simple. with being tied. And then bareback pad on...bareback pad off...on, off, on, off, on, off... Then with the cynch the same thing. Just as I did it up he was doing really well so I left it at that!


Today I was I kept easy and breezy (Cover girl! :D ) Emmy is gone (:D) which means I can play with Sharlie and Casper in their field. With Sharlie I started out with the halter on and did some stick to me and let her know that just because we were in her field did not mean that she can't respect me. When I thought she was ready, I took off the halter. It went great! We did stick to me. Walk, stop, back up by the tail, touch it with your nose, trot...and then the second time we trotted I gave her a piece of carrot...mistake. I asked her to walk over a branch but she kept looking for a carrot. When I wouldn't give her one she got frustrated and trotted off. But hey, 15 minutes of great liberty is better than 45 minutes of online!

I didn't do anything with Casper today because he was quite RBI and kept a fair distance from Sharlie and myself. I think he is feeling fine, but today just wasn't his day.

After Sharlie went trotting off, I walked around the field and what I found was astonishing! There were logs, planks of wood, metal pipes, rubber mats, and pieces of plastic folders littered everywhere! Some I used to make a few interesting object such as the rubber mats together, and a few of the planks put together on a hill made a step. Then I picked up a full Walmart bag full of trash. Eck.

Sharlie's eye isn't doing too good. Yesterday it was swollen so we gave her some bute. We will give her some bute for a few days to make sure her eye is better. Its the beginning of a long few months. Keep your fingers crossed!

Goodnight everyone. May the horse be with you and let it be dry!

~Sharlie's eye

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