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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Speeding up...

Yesterday afternoon we picked up the pace a bit...

Casper had a nice grooming session before we went out on a trail ride. He was calm and confident and a bit greedy for the grass. At last we were scaling the last hill to reach the barn and I gave a little squeeze and click. He picked up a trot. It wasn't exactly slow, but it wasn't exactly fast. It was bouncy. That was my first ever trot on Casper! I will find out next time I go to catch him whether he approved or not...

Sharlie decided to be very mischievous yesterday afternoon and when I took her out by the round pen on the 22-foot line, she bucked and galloped and had a blast. My arm? Not so much. I am pretty sure I pulled a muscle. But in my mind, it is worth it. If Sharlie had fun and got exercise, then I am ok with it. (I am surprised she didn't roll down the hill like the big ball she is!)
After Sharlie's fun little escapade, I groomed her too (both horses were quite dirty) then we went out for a trail ride. I used the bareback pad. As we set off onto the trail, I asked Sharlie to trot. We trotted smoothly till the end of the path. We walked down the slight hill and onto the hill where the corn field used to be (this description is for those who are familiar with Mercy Stable's lay out) then we turned back to walk back home along the fence of the pastures. I asked Sharlie to pick up a trot again. She picked up a smooth, slow trot all the way back up to the barn (100 yards, give or take)

A lot of trotting. More confidence, more progress...

Things are looking bright....

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