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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Hazel Tree -- Published!

Hey everyone!

You'll never guess what happened last week! The Hazel Tree was finally published! It is now available on Kindle, Nook and in paperback. Just click the word for whichever version you want, and it will take you straight to the page you need to go to!

This is great news for me, because it means that I won't have to wait until the last minute to finish my Capstone project. In fact, I should have it done within the next couple weeks! Whoop whoop. I'm already working on my next project, which is a collection of short stories. I estimate that should be published in the spring.

All my college applications are in. Also, I'm reading Stephen King's book On Writing and it is fantastic. Life is good right now. Who would have thought, eh?



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