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The Hazel Tree

by Julia Debski

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


June 30th 2013
Sewanee Young Writers Conference


A Play

Oliver: It’s brown, because it’s leather. A really old-like fancy leather book. No bigger than my hand when it’s spread out. Like this, see? From the tips of my fingers to the palm. No, no, it wouldn’t be like your hand. Too small. It smells kind of funny as well, cause its so old. It was made a long time ago. Hundreds of years old. That’s why the pages are all yellowed and faded. It’s really important I find it. I need it.

Aunt Celine: Why on earth would you want such an awful little book? It was terribly smelly, I made sure it was one of the first things to go. You really mustn't worry about such petty things as little books, Oliver. It isn’t wise.

Oliver: No, no, NO! You don’t understand, you don’t get it! I need it Aunt Celine! It is very important. You have no idea. None! Oh no, no, no. What did you do with it? Where did it go? I need to know now. Oh god, look now my hair is falling out. That’s how important it is to me, Aunt Celine. My hair is coming out in my hands! Well that’s just disgusting. Oh god, oh no! Where is my book? I need it. Do you understand? Need it. What’s this? Why is my face wet? Are these tears? I’m crying, aren’t I? Oh god, my little leather book. What will I do without it? Nothing, simply nothing! Wanna know why? Huh, do you? Is that blood? My nose is bleeding, Aunt Celine! Look what you’ve done to me. This is why I need my little book. Wanna know why  it’s so important? I’ll tell you if you tell me what’s caught in my throat. What is it, Aunt Celine, it’s blocking my throat. I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! You wanna know why it’s so important?

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