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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stress of Deadlines


Deadlines and time limits are the worst. Even if they are beyond my control, they have an unbelievable amount of influence on me.

School in general. Counting down to summer has never been more terrifying, especially with what lies on the horizon. Also, that ugly grade in Chemistry is a time bomb.

Capstone Senior Project deadlines are coming at me every week. I've been keeping ahead of schedule though so I am doing well.

Early Graduation deadlines. May 17th is when I have to decide if I can graduate in December or not, and the factor determining this is whether or not I get an internship. Which ties into the last deadline stressing me out...

Internship deadlines. More specifically Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. They both finish filming/production in a few short days! (SPN quickly approaching the 183 day mark) and what if my letter doesn't get there in time? What if they don't reply until the fall and it's too late then? (Never too late for the right opportunity! *superhero tune*) Blah, all very boring I know. Just needed to get it out there.

A much more thought out and time-worthy blog post on the way.


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