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Sunday, February 10, 2013


[This was written yesterday, Saturday]

I should be writing right now. Either working on Chapter 1 of Cinderella Wolf (which is now The Hazel Tree) or writing down a possible novel idea (a gay romance, if you must know)  But no. 

I had a dream last night that completely threw me off writing. I can't tell you what it is. Sorry about that. 

But it had me thinking. When I was younger, before I hit puberty (yup, I went there), I used to dream almost every night. Oops, not true. You actually dream every single night. What I meant is the ones I remembered. They were light hearted things though, children's dreams. Things that you wouldn't really think about more than once or twice, and why should you? You are only a child.

Since about the time I started high school, though, I dream rarely. When I do, they are usually very complex and layered with meaning, symbols, and emotions. I've spent entire days consumed by a 
dream before.

Probably an unhealthy habit, but I often find myself so affected by them I can't help it.

It makes me wonder though, why this happens. I think the writer part in me becomes absolutely fascinated with deciphering the plethora of meanings in these dreams. On the other hand, they are usually so deeply emotionally connected to me that it sort of knocks me breathless...but not in a good way. 

These dreams always end unhappily, no matter how they start or how happy they are for the majority of the dream. Every single time, it ends badly, but never by anything I do. Curious, isn't it? 

Demonstration of the loss of control I have in life, or I cannot control the actions of others....the possibilities are endless.

That is all. I wish I could tell you what it was, but every time I try and write this dream 
down, I can never get it right.

So instead of writing, I'm writing this. I suppose it is a decent substitute. But still... I wish I was writing something else.

And, in a rare song recommendation, you should listen to 'Demons' by Imagine Dragons.


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