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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taking a Break to Find My Journey

I am sorry for not blogging sooner everyone, but I haven't been doing much with Sharlie and Casper because of the weather. (ugh)

Now I have been thinking that maybe I should take a break from blogging while I decide where I want my journey to go. Sharlie and I are at a point where we need to focus on what we want to do. I was thinking of the Parelli Rendezvous and Spotlights and I realized that Sharlie and I aren't good at anything. Our Online and Liberty are ok, but just ok. Freestyle is pretty bad and forget Finesse! I look at my friends who are so far ahead in their journey. Take my best friend Kara for example. She has had her horse for 10 months and she is already riding bareback and bridless! Hannah Willis and Emily Larramore are in Florida studying under Mirka Pitts. Friends all around me are improving, advancing and moving onward and upward in their journey and I am still close to where I started almost 2 years later. I auditioned for my Level 1 almost a year ago and Sharlie and I are still not ready to audition for anything else! (Especially not freestyle!) Even with Casper...We had made bounds of progress in a short amount of time but now we are a straight line across the graph.

So I apologize, but I will be taking a few weeks off of blogging in order to find out where this relationship is going.

Keep it Natural!
Julia, Sharlie & Casper


  1. Hey Julia! I'm a long time lurker and decided I should give you a tip I have learned...

    Push yourself. Not too far but you still need to push. Ii also think you don't have THAT much trust in your horse. Would you lay under them and take a nap and KNOW they wouldn't step on you? And also cut out online and freestyle for a while. Me and Sonny are taking a break from online and doing what we are best at and enjoy the most... Our Finesse. I also just sit in a stall (or their backs) for HOURS just hanging out and spending UDT. Once my g-pa gets my round pen (a b-day present back in January) done I'l do more Liberty and get our relationship a step further. I may be able to do bareback and bridleless but that is ONLY because I TRUST my horse and we can perform like I don't have a bridle on when we do have a bridle on (I NEVER EVER use my reins to steer. That is what my seat and legs are for. I 'push' the front end over to turn...). I also take long breaks when we can't take each other anymore. And it also just takes some people longer to hit the 'breaking point'. B/c when you 'break' that is when the breakthrough happens. So, push you, and your horses, almost to the breaking point. Oh, and pray.

    ~Lauren (my savvy club username is sonnyandlauren if you would like me to explain myself better... I went to bed at 11 and get up at 5am every morning so I'm a bit on the fritz)

  2. Hi Julia, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! The good news is, it's ABSOLUTELY impossible that you are not good at anything... Your relationship might not be were you would like it to be, but I'm sure there are good things and things to improve! Spending some undemanding time with your horses might just be the thing to do to reconnect....
    Best wishes!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  3. It's not about being ahead, it's about where you are. You have your whole life ahead of you, take your time and live in the moment. You are where you are. You don't need to be super rider. I'm 13 and I know exactly what you feel.