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Monday, March 8, 2010

Liberty, Trailer and Camp! (Part 2)


Hello Savvy Friends!
Let us start off where we left off. So Friday is done. Saturday I went to visit my 2 friends that have horses. They are interested in Parelli, and I hope to help them with their journey. Then on Sunday Mom and I went down to the stable to go on a trail ride. But first some liberty in the round pen. A bucket and a step stool come in handy to use for change of directions. We are going to be playing on making those change of directions into figure 8's soon! :)
Then after a quick exercise in the round pen, we went out for the trail ride. I was riding bareback. Sharlie was doing great! I can't wait till I get a saddle though so we can start trotting more.
After the trail ride we went to feed Sharlie in the trailer. I let her in at liberty, so she would be safer inside. She ate quite nicely. But then she spooked at something and ran out. But she stayed near the trailer and I caught her easily again. Then on Monday, I managed to wing the door so far that now only about a foot and a half is left before it closes.

So that's it for now

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