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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Warm(er) weather FINALLY!!

Last weekend was a record warm for this winter, reaching almost 55 degrees!!! I was sweating I was so hot (being covered in 4 layers). And last weekend Sharlie and I had our first good trail ride since the beginning of fall. So the weekend went quite well. Then all during the week Sharlie had lots of spunky energy. We did a lot of Friendly Game, some cantering and a little squeeze. We have cut back on the trailer for the last week. Then this weekend (last weekend of February), I realized camp is only 3 months away!! Sharlie is now regularly getting into the trailer and eating her dinner in there. Now I need to start working with the door. Of course it is a 2-person job. I need someone to hold the rope through the other door while I am swinging the main door. So then the rope won't get caught somewhere, and if Sharlie tries to get out, but is stuck because of the rope. That will take our hard work back to zero. I am also finding out more info about camp, trailers and trucks. Thank goodness I am lucky enough to have a few options already available.
This nice warm weather really helps with Sharlie's attitude. She is more positive and in a learning frame of mind much quicker! Its drying up nicely all around the farm. Now, if it doesn't rain, I will be happy!
I am almost ready to buy a new saddle, I just need to post my black pony saddle on craigslist first.
This weekend, I had the chance to work on a Science project on Innate and Learned behavior, and I used horses, Horsenality and Parelli as my base. I am really hoping I get a good grade on it.
So let us all cross our fingers and hope the warm weather continues!

Naturally, Julia

Note to Self:
~ Find out about trailer
~ Ask about borrowing/renting truck
~Work with Sharlie
~Find more info about camp
~Get saddle
~Sharlie needs to be fit! :)

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