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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today blew me away!

Today was...amazing! And I thought it was just going to be a regular day.
Today, I set up a slalom and another barrel to the figure 8 barrels so it made up 2 sides of a rectangle, one figure 8 being bigger then the other. I started playing with Sharlie, just singing a funny little song that I made up as I went about how dirty and muddy she was. We did the slalom for the first time. First at a walk. She was so good. At first she was confused but she tried really hard to I rewarded her and moved on to the figure 8. Sharlie and I have had trouble with figure 8's because we only had itty bitty cones available and Sharlie couldn't see them. With the new barrels, we started at a walk on the smaller figure 8. Then we moved onto the bigger one to try the trot. It was sort of chaotic because she tried to circle me instead of changing direction, but then, after about the 4th time, she did a complete figure 8 at the trot perfectly! I just couldn't ask for more! So I decided to end on a good note. I was on a cloud. After letting Sharlie graze for about 10 minutes, the truck and trailer pulled into the stable. I decided to just get Sharlie used to walking around a truck and trailer since I knew from earlier experiences, she was absolutely terrified when the trailer was attached to the truck. She surprised me yet again by calmly walking around the trailer, grazing, sniffing and even cocking her leg! I decided to end there , not to push her by opening the trailer door, and put her in the field where she gave me a hug!
I love you Sharlie!

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