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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dark and Sad Suprise- The vet's verdict and the hard weeks that followed Part 2

When she recovered and came home, I was happy to see her where she belonged. I made an extra effort to comfort her. She was severely out of shape, so I decided to do mostly Liberty work on her. Those days were hard, but I knew that the chances of her eye healing to some degree was now even more possible.

After Sharlie's catheter had been removed, it was time to start riding again. We set a date for the next week. Then, everyday of that week, I exercised Sharlie doing the circling game, driving game and squeeze game. Then the day of the riding lesson arrived. I was extremely nervous. The last time I had ridden Sharlie was in March and we were near the end of May.

But it turned out the lesson went extremely well. I had been reading up on Freestyle lately so I did try to do the Balance Point, etc...

That was the first good lesson I had with Sharlie in a very long time. The only pleasent ride before this one was when I went to go try her out. And that was when I started to enjoy riding again!
Somewhere in this mix, the vet came to visit and gave us 2 options:

1-All of Sharlie's medication wasn't working and the infection was starting to grow immune. Maybe if we just tried Bute, it will keep the swellling down and keep her out of pain.
2-If the bute didn't work, we would have to remove the eye.

*Dramatic Music* Just to let you know, I did NOT like option 2 at ALL!!!

Good news: The bute is working just fine now. Option 2 does not look like it is going to happen.

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